Winter Day

Couple of photos taken during one winter day in year 2012. Continue reading »



I participated in the photomarathon of culture society Kuuppa last June. The idea was to take 24 photos with a film camera during 12 hours (2 photos per hour). Here are couple my best shots (taken with Nikon F2 in our summer residence). Continue reading »


Warsaw 2012

Photos taken in the fall 2012 in Warsaw. I was there with my family celebrating my mothers birthday. Continue reading »


Holga in Lake Garda

I (Risto) dusted my archives and found these Päivi’s (quite miniature) Holga photos from our Italy trip in 2009. I was partly forgotten the existence of this 12omm film! Continue reading »


Czech in Fisheye

Fisheye photos from the Czech Republic taken with Lomo Fisheye (spring 2012). Continue reading »


Colourscape Turku 2012

Last summer we visited in Colourscape, which was made up of approximately one hundred colourful sphere-like chambers linked together into a giant labyrinth. Continue reading »

naamat 2012

Joy of Stupidity

Well, it has nearly been a year since last Naamat festival and it is good time to scan festival photos from taken with Pingo toy cameraContinue reading »


Winter Jam

Last week we had a traditional Winter Jam (Talvirieha), including two days of winter sports, sauna and partying. Continue reading »

Prague B&W

Prague Black & White

Another tiny set of photos taken with Praktika in Prague. Continue reading »


Narodni Technicke Muzeum

A set of Praktika shots from Narodni technicke muzeum (National Technics Museum) at Prague.  Continue reading »